Jhanak 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak questions Anirudh


Jhanak 14th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying I will stay back, I already told the truth. Arshi says you will stay here with your wife. He argues. Tanuja says we don’t trust this girl, what if she says this marriage is for real, what will we do. Anirudh says this is happening because of Shrishti. Shrishti asks what do you mean. He says you are Arshi’s mum, but you have done this. Shubh stops him. Arshi says you and Jhanak are married. Anirudh says we have not accepted that marriage. Bipasha says but people believe it. Arshi says Jhanak won’t marry Rahul. Shrishti and Anirudh argue further. Anirudh says just let me do this, then I will be free, once Jhanak’s exams and marriage are done, I will do whatever you say. Arshi says you have to promise, any pandit can stop our marriage again. Anirudh says not everyone will know about it. He defends himself. He says Shrishti forced me to lie and do this, else Jhanak would have given exams and moved on, Shrishti informed Tejas and got Jhanak kidnapped. She says she is same like Tejas, she is characterless. Anirudh asks what prove do you have, then I m characterless, right, why are you getting your daughter married to me. Arshi says you can’t talk to my mom like that. He asks can you talk to me like that. Shubh says she is elder, behave yourself. He asks Anirudh to come back soon. Arshi says I didn’t come here to stay, I have a career, I don’t do social work. He says I have a reason to stay here, you can stay back if you want. Shubh says we should leave now. Arshi says Jhanak didn’t come to say bye to us. Anirudh says she has exams. Jhanak comes to them. She says I promise, there won’t be any problem in Arshi’s marriage. She sees Anirudh.

Anirudh comes to Jhanak. She says I will give my exams, you should go. He says there is a get together with your friends, then I will go. She says just focus on your marriage, why do you care for me. He asks what do you think. She says I don’t know, you don’t need to stay here, Rahul and friends are there, I don’t have any hope from you, I didn’t know you few months back. They argue. She says you don’t know what’s a responsibility. She thinks you called our marriage fake, you never tried to know what’s in my heart. He says you can give exams and come to Kolkata. She says I won’t come there, leave me on my state, please forgive me. She asks him to not come again, she has to study. He says you think I m a cheap man and want to come here to meet you, I m here to do my responsibility, won’t I want to go to my would be wife, I don’t want to come here, you get ready and come to knock on my door. She says I just said I want to study. She gets angry and thinks you are talking two things, this can’t be right. Anirudh thinks you are showing your true face here, because your love is here, go to hell, I will be happy with Arshi. He leaves. She sits crying. Its morning, Anirudh gets Jhanak to her college. She asks him not to stay. He asks will you decide it, go now, all the best. She asks can I touch your feet and take blessings, there isn’t any elder. She says you didn’t give me blessings. He says I don’t need to show it, you didn’t want me to come here. She says I have to keep mind calm, I have exam now. He asks her to go and give the exam well. She says I m an average student, its enough if I get passing marks. He says always aim big in life, read the questions well and answer. She asks are you sick. He thinks I have fever since 2 days, Arshi couldn’t know, but you understood. He says I m okay, you didn’t eat food. She says I m tense about exams, mum used to feed me food. She recalls Urvashi. She says sorry. He says your friends have come. She says I m seeing them after a long time. She goes to Rahul and friends. She hugs them. Anirudh gets sad. He thinks I m a fool, Rahul and you hugged each other, I wont make this mistake again.

Jhanak says I want freedom from you. Anirudh says I won’t ruin your life. She asks who would marry me. Anirudh says sorry. He leaves.

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