Shaitani Rasmein 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update


Shaitani Rasmein 14th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the human traffickers asking the soldier (Nikki who is in disguise) about the girl. Nikki signs them at the wrong place. They all leave to go there. Nikki smiles. She hears someone talking about kidnapping Swarnprabha from her own kingdom Divyanchal and then they will present her on Akaal shatru’s feet. She comes near and finds them not there. She thinks they went, but they are hiding and follow her.

Vikram tells Inspector that he is the King of Bhurangarh and asks how can he help him. Inspector says he has come to catch the most wanted criminal and shows Saudamini’s photo. He says we are tracking this lady since many years. He asks do you know her? Vikram says no. Saudamini has hidden her face and is standing among the villagers, thinks why she is scared of Inspector, she shall teach him a lesson as she has the power given by Malik. Just then Commandoes come there and she stops. Inspector says they will stay here for few days. Vikram says ok. They leave. Vikram says so you are the runaway criminal. Saudamini asks if this is the way to talk to your new Maharani, and asks villagers to cheer for her. They all cheer for her. She then orders them not to tell Inspector about her, else the result will be bad and painful. She goes. Piyush asks Vikram, why did he lose the chance and could have told the Inspector. Vikram says I can’t put ghee in Malik’s anger, if I had got her arrested then Malik will get angry, and says we can’t do anything until Nikki returns. Piyush nods his head and waits for Nikki to come.

The soldier (Piyush’s past birth) tells that they have to reach Divyanchal at the earliest. A girl asks the soldiers to take her there as she wants to see the place. Another soldier says they are on the mission and can’t take her. The soldier( Piyush’s past birth) fire arrow at Nikki, and her clothes get stuck on the tree. He asks who is he (Nikki)?

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