Suhaagan 13th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Bindiya refuses to abort the child


Suhaagan 13th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking Bindiya to come with him to the hospital tomorrow, as he will abort the child tomorrow. Payal hears them and thinks she wanted to bring a storm in her life, but Krish brought the terror in her life. She thinks to act infront of Shukla family that she cares for Bindiya so much. Bindiya asks if you are fine? Krish says he don’t want any argument. Indu asks Baldev why Krish is refusing. Amma says she is sure that Krish will not refuse Bindiya’s sayings. Sakshi says if he doesn’t agree then? Indu asks her to talk positive. Payal comes there and acts to cry, and tells that Krish doesn’t agree and wanted to abort the baby by tomorrow. She thinks even she wants same as Krish, but has to act.

Baldev tells Krish that it is a crime to kill baby in the womb. All the family members scold Krish. Indu asks him to say if there is something. Payal thinks she thought to abort the baby, but he is doing her work. She asks Krish if he asked Bindiya’s opinion before taking this decision. Krish asks her not to interfere between Bindiya and him. Baldev says if you have problems with the baby then stay away from the baby and says you have no right to keep us away from the baby. Amma asks him to change his decision. Krish says I have first right on the baby as I am his/her father. He says they had argued enough and says we will go tomorrow and will get the baby aborted. Bindiya runs from there. Indu scolds Krish and says I never raise hand on you and never slapped you, have always forgiven all your mistakes, but how to forgive you today, as you are doing a big sin. She cries and says my love and affection have spoiled you. She says you have taken the decision, but hear my decision, this abortion will not happen. Bindiya comes there and asks them to do puja, and says this baby needs blessings.

Baldev, Amma, Indu, Sakshi and Pankaj leave for the temple. Payal asks Krish to listen. Bindiya says she wants to talk to Krish alone and asks her to go to temple alone. Payal goes. Bindiya asks Krish why he wants to snatch this happiness from her. She hugs him and says she hsa found all the truth, and says Doctor told her. Krish says I can’t take risk with your life, we can plan the baby later. Bindiya says she can’t take her baby’s life knowingly, a mother gives life to her baby. Krish says this pregnancy is life taking for you. Bindiya says this pregnancy can take my life, but if I don’t deliver this baby then I will die though I am alive. He says he will deposit the money in the hospital and goes. Nidhi hears them and thinks why God is taking her test.

All the family members reach the temple. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Bindiya sees the storm and heavy wind and closes the door and windows. Nidhi starts getting labor pains and asks Bindiya to call Amma and Indu, and take her to hospital. Bindiya calls Krish, but he doesn’t pick her call. Krish asks Doctor if there is any way that Pregnancy can be continues and there is no risk to Bindiya. Doctor says they have to take risk. Krish says no, he can’t take the chance and asks her to schedule the termination of the pregnancy tomorrow. Bindiya says Krishna ji is not picking the call. She calls Pankaj, but he is busy doing puja. She calls Ram Singh and asks him to send Sapna. He says Sapna went to drop her son. She calls Ambulance, but comes to know that all the ways are closed due to the storm and rain. She thinks to take Nidhi on the scooty, but Nidhi says that the baby is about to deliver. Baldev, Indu and others are still seated for the baby. Bindiya calls the Doctor and asks her to come to Shukla house fast, as Nidhi started getting labour pains. Doctor says she can’t come due to the storm and will be late, and asks Bindiya to do her delivery. She asks her to make her lie down and then make a video call to her.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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