Udaariyaan 13th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aasma gives 24 hours to Meher to take a decision


Udaariyaan 13th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aasma telling Haniya that she will take alliance for Sarab. Haniya asks alliance. Aasma says she will not get the good son in law like Sarab. She asks if she is happy. Haniya says she is very happy and gets emotional. Aasma asks her not to tell anyone now. Haniya comes to Meher and asks why she was laughing, what Sarab has done. Meher laughs and asks her to ask Sarab. Saili comes home and tells Munni that Leo is doing the drama. They run out. Sarab is exercising in the house. Haniya comes there and calls Sarab. Sarav comes out hearing something falling. Haniya sits down seeing him shirtless. He also sits at the other side of the dining table, and covers himself with plate. She asks why Meher was laughing. He says he told her a joke.

Leo comes home with Munni and sisters, and tells that Sarab gave him waiter’s job, to clean people’s utensils and to hear their taunts. He sees Haniya and taunts her asking where is her friend? Munni thinks if Leo will make him lose the job. She apologizes to Haniya. Haniya says I understand and goes.

Aasma tells Sukhi, Rano and Bebe that she has chosen Sarab for Meher. The family members tell that they are poles apart and mismatched and Meher doesn’t like him. Aasma says Armaan and I was mismatched, and then also you brought his alliance for me, and we had set the example of love. Meher comes there. Aasma gives her 24 hours to find someone for her marriage, else get married to the guy selected by here. She says if she refuses then she will oust her from the company. Meher thinks she will reply to her.

Munni tells Leo that she will talk to Sarab. Sarab comes there. She asks him to serve food to him. Sarab asks her to have food. Munni says she is not hungry. She says her heart is crying, thinking how Leo served the drinks to the people. Sarab tries to explain to him, that Leo doesn’t have any qualification, but he will help him get a good job. Munni says this is the game of real and step siblings. She goes to her room and locks herself. She thinks now Sarab will not have food. Next morning, Sarab asks his sisters about Munni. They tell that she didn’t come out. Sarab gets Haniya’s call. Saili asks him to eat food. He refuses, Haniya hears Saili. She talks to him and ends the call.

Meher brings a dwarf guy and tells her family that she has chosen him for marriage. Aasma asks who is he? She says ballu, a taxi driver.. Sukhi asks him to leave. Sarab comes to his cabin. Haniya comes to Sarab and tells that she didn’t have breakfast and thought to have food with him. He says he is not hungry. Haniya asks him to send Leo to her farm, and says she has work for him. He gets happy and says he will give salary to him by working overtime, till he learns the work. Haniya refuses, but he insists. Haniya agrees. Munni eats chips in her room when she gets Aasma’s call insisting to meet her to talk about her son. Munni looks on. Haniya imagines her life with Sarab, while Meher thinks she will not marry any guy.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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