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Udne Ki Aasha 14th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sachin talking to Aaji and Shanti about Sayali. Shanti says Aaji has called a fortune teller home. Sachin says I won’t fall in this trap. Aaji sends them to the temple. Sachin asks don’t you know swimming. Sayali says no, do you know. He says yes, I saved you, my dad taught me to swim, he has thrown me in the lake and asked me to swim and come out, he asked me to scare the fear, and not get scared of anything. She thanks him for saving her. He says I will end your fear. She says no, I m fine. Akash says Riya hates me, I have to befriend Riya. He acts hurt and takes his selfies. He thinks this will convince her. He sends the pics to Riya. Riya says it means the chef caught that goon. She calls him and says I saw the pics, I m so happy. He says I m happy that I didn’t beat any wrong guy, I hope you are happy. She says I m very happy, I wanted him to apologize. He says he can’t say sorry, I have beaten him a lot. She says congrats, you have been promoted as my best friend, I will come to the restaurant and meet you. He says I m tired, I m at home, I will meet you later. Aaji tells the pandit about Sachin and Sayali’s marriage. He says they should start a happy life today, the mahurat is good, else they will face troubles. Aaji asks what should we do. He gives her some list. She says we will do preparations. He leaves. Sachin and Sayali come home. Sachin asks what did the pandit say. Aaji scolds him.

She says we got a good mahurat. He asks why. Shanti says for your wedding night. Aaji says you aren’t staying as husband and wife. Sachin says I will leave from here right away. Aaji says you got a treasure in Sayali’s form. She cries and says leave from here, forget her, let people think that you ruined my name. He asks why are you saying this. She says I thought you will make me great grandmum, but this happiness isn’t in my fate. Shanti asks him to try to be happy, no one isn’t perfect, relations should be perfect. She says you won’t get a girl like Sayali. Aaji says forget it. He asks what shall I do. She asks shall I tell you. He says fine, you do what you want, I m ready to do it. Everyone smiles.

Aaji says I will go now, I have much work. Sayali sees Sachin. He feels odd. He goes and calls Anya. He asks did you pay the EMI. Anya says don’t worry. Sachin asks did you pay for your mum’s medicines. Anya says yes. Sachin says I m coming back in 2 days. He goes to Aaji and tells about his childhood friend. He says I will go and meet him. She says no, you won’t go. He asks why, this is happening because of Sayali. Aaji pulls his ears and scolds him. Sayali smiles. Aaji says Sayali is your life’s brakes, she will control you. He asks Sayali to tell Aaji to let him go. He holds her saree pallu and stops her. She smiles. He says Aaji doesn’t listen to me, if you say, then she will let me go.

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